Artist Neriya RadinNeriya Radin, the 6 year old daughter of Alex and Sara Radin, inspired by her artistic parents and older sister Elianna, spends much of her time drawing and coloring and coming up with stories and cards. Her drawings have shown as a part of two group shows, including an 11 foot layer cake which sold opening night at Artist on Fire’s Piccolo Spoleto show “Sweet!” in 2013. She has shown a propensity toward sculptural work, building, and puzzles over the years and her first sculptural piece, “Door of Heaven”, showed recently at a Benefit Art Show hosted by Gallery 268 in Wilkesboro, NC. She is currently showing work at Wilkes Art Gallery in Wilkesboro, NC. alongside her older sister and her father. Besides art she also enjoys singing, dancing, jumping, climbing, and playing with her sister and brother.