A Year to Remember

Here I am standing on the stage about to sing my first lead part as Belle in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST JR. A musical theater performance. Well, how did I get here? It's a long story that went by so fast. Let's go all the way back to the day of my audition...

"Lila? Is Lila Robin here?" I glanced at some doors, responded to my name, and walked over to them. My audition was two steps away. There was another set of doors in a hall. I sat down. I was one of the last people to get called through the doors. I was also one of the last people to audition. "Okay, you can come in now." I walked through the other doors."What is your name and what will you be singing today?" I answered with all of the nerves finally grabbing my stomach, "My name is Lila and I will be singing 'Opportunity' from Annie." They came back with another question."What is your monologue from?" I answered again, "My monologue is from a movie called Nim's Island." They told me to start whenever I was ready.

When my addition was over my mom was ready to pick me up. She took me home and before I knew it it was the day when the cast list came out. My mom looked at the phone. She kind of blinked her eyes."Lila, YOU'RE BELLE!" I grab the phone. YEP, I was Belle alright.

The first practice was a read through. We all said our name and role, then we read through our own lines, but together. The second practice we did "Be Our Guest". We kept working on all of the parts of the song until the day came for the Winter performance. The Winter performance was just one song. We did "Be Our Guest". Everyone had a blast!

So many stories would have to be told, but I'm skipping ahead to the dress rehearsal. I had a couple of props. I got to hold a basket with a scarf, a book, and a tool. The dress rehearsal went great! I couldn't believe the next day was the day before the show.

That's how I got here on this stage about to sing my first lead part as Belle in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST JR. A musical theater performance. Then my cue comes.

"Little town, it's a quiet village. Every day like the one before. Little town, full of little people; Waking up to say..." I hear all five people say Bonjour and then start singing again. "There goes the baker with his tray like always; the same old bread and rolls to sell." I feel so alive doing all my parts and dancing all around the stage! "Oh isn't this amazing! It's my favorite part because you'll see; Here's where she meets prince charming! But she won't discover that it's him 'till chapter three!" I sing.

Every single little thing went great and the show was amazing! At the end of the show, we have a big cast party to celebrate! And as they say in "Be Our Guest" the grey stuff actually is delicious! (it tastes like pudding!) I sign up for next year and I get a spot. I hope next year's show will be as fabulous as this year was!